At KB&G, we specialize in providing comprehensive legal representation that caters to the unique needs of the hospitality industry. We offer a wide range of services, from forming legal entities, creating operating agreements, assisting with business plans and projections, negotiating and handling real estate transactions, engaging and maintaining your employees, crafting management and other services agreements and handling licensing issues to protecting your intellectual property. With our experienced team, headed by Jack A. Gordon, Landey Strongin and Adam Cohn, you can rest assured that your venture will thrive in this competitive sector.

Why Choose KB&G for Your Hospitality Legal Needs?

The answer is simple: No other law firm has as much direct experience in the industry. Choosing KB&G means selecting a team that deeply understands the hospitality industry’s multifaceted legal demands. Our Hospitality Law practice, together with the Corporate Law and Real Estate groups, crafts a tailored approach for each client. We stand out by handling the complexities of legal formation, document preparation, and the nuances of management and employment agreements. We also extend our guidance to real estate transactions, major vendor negotiations, intellectual property protection, and liaising for liquor licensing. We aim to safeguard your business’s foundation and growth, making us the go-to firm for those in the hospitality sector seeking a blend of thoroughness, insight and dedicated support.

Our Hospitality Law Services Explained

Formation of Venue-Specific Legal Vehicles

At KB&G, we understand that the foundation of any successful hospitality business lies in its legal structure. We guide our clients through selecting and forming the appropriate legal entities, ensuring protection and flexibility for owners and investors alike. This critical first step sets the stage for a venture’s long-term viability, success and expansion.

Preparing Essential Documents

Our team carefully prepares key documents, such as formation documents, offering memoranda, subscription and operating agreements, licensing agreements and management services agreements. We also often provide assistance with business plans and pro formas. These documents are essential for securing investors and outlining the operational framework of each venture. They are also vital in defining the relationship between ownership, management and other stakeholders so as to establish clear guidelines for the management and financial structure of the business.

Management and Employment Contracts

In the hospitality industry, relationships with employees and managers are paramount. We draft comprehensive management and employment agreements that protect both employer’s and employees’ interests, fostering a positive and productive work environment. We also regularly assist in the preparation of employee handbooks and other documents governing the employer-employee relationship.

Real Estate

Our experience extends to managing the real estate aspects critical to hospitality ventures, from negotiating leases to handling the purchase or sale of properties. We ensure that our clients’ physical spaces comply with legal standards and effectively serve their business needs.

Vendor Contracts 

Long-term vendor contracts, whether as complex as SaaS/third-party providers, such as GrubHub or Seamless, or as simple as a dishwasher or icemaker rental, are essential to your business but may come entangled with potential liabilities, such as access to your customers’ private data, or may even require a personal guaranty on your part. KB&G is experienced in negotiating with vendors’ counsel to allow your business to obtain the goods and services it needs while mitigating your risks. 

IP Protection & Licensing

Protecting your intellectual property is an increasingly vital aspect of hospitality business management. This is true whether you are an independent operator, a franchisor or a franchisee, or thinking about becoming either. We help you protect your brand in such a way that you wont be infringed upon and you can build value in your brand itself. KB&G can help you in all aspects of trademark registration and licensing. And if that trademark license implicates the myriad federal and state franchise registration and disclosure laws, KB&G can help you navigate that thicket, as well. 

Liquor Licenses 

If obtaining a liquor license is important to your business model then you want expert advice about how to obtain the license in a timely manner but also how to avoid the liabilities that come with serving alcohol. KB&G has lawyers experienced in navigating the regulatory thicket of the New York alcohol beverage control laws, and we can help nationwide with our network of hospitality-focused firms.  

Who We Serve

At KB&G, our hospitality law services support a wide array of clients within or even entering the industry, ensuring their ventures are legally sound from inception to ongoing operations, to expansion and, if and when appropriate, sale. We serve a diverse clientele, including hospitality management companies responsible for the operation of hotels and restaurants, luxury and boutique hotels aiming to provide unique guest experiences, and restaurants of all types, from quick-service to casual to fine dining establishments. Our support extends to clubs and wine bars, as well as importers and distributors navigating the complicated process of bringing their products to consumers. Retail stores, offering their customers a carefully selected range of products, also rely on our comprehensive legal guidance. Each of these clients receives personalized attention, with a focus on addressing the specific challenges and opportunities unique to their segment of the hospitality industry.

Why Legal Experience Matters in Hospitality

Having seasoned legal guidance is vital in the hospitality industry, where businesses operate in highly regulated environments. From navigating the complex liquor licensing laws to managing labor regulations, the right legal support can prevent costly missteps and ensure compliance. In the hospitality industry, legal matters such as safeguarding intellectual property, lease agreements, and creating vendor contracts require a deep understanding of both the law and the industry. We have attorneys with hands-on experience launching hospitality-related businesses. A legal team familiar with these intricacies can help avoid potential legal pitfalls and secure a business’s operational and financial health. This level of support empowers owners and operators to focus on what they do best: delivering exceptional experiences to their guests.

Contact an Experienced NYC Hospitality Law Attorney

At KB&G, we’re here to provide comprehensive support for the complex legal needs of your New York City hospitality business. Our dedicated team is ready to guide you through every legal challenge, ensuring your venture’s success and growth. Don’t let legal hurdles slow you down—contact us today to discover how we can assist you in thriving in the hospitality industry.