KENT, BEATTY & GORDON, LLP is a boutique Manhattan law firm of corporate lawyers and commercial litigators knowledgeable in corporate counseling, emerging companies and hospitality law.

If you are embarking on a new venture, or looking to grow your existing company, then you want lawyers with practical business experience that can add value to your transactions and mitigate your risks.

If you’re entangled in a commercial dispute, or being sued for violating employment laws, or your development plans are being road-blocked by an administrative agency, then you need battle-tested litigators who can both fight in your corner and have the wisdom to know how and when to settle.

Welcome to a different kind of legal representation. Welcome to KB&G.

How KB&G
Can Help You Grow
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Since KB&G’s inception in 1992, the founding partners’ first principle has been, “Be not merely good; be good for something,” as famously said by H.D. Thoreau. Thus, the firm strives to deliver practical and useful legal services while maintaining fair fees and transparent billing practices. No surprises; no nickel-and-diming.

For over 30 years, KB&G has fulfilled its promise to New York City and area entrepreneurs by attracting and retaining lawyers who possess substantial business experience with sophisticated legal acumen. Take a look at our full team of attorneys and get in touch with us to find out how we can assist you.

Success Stories and Client Testimonials
We know your success is intertwined with New York City, and so is ours.
What KB&G Can Do For You

Having the right legal partner can make all the difference. We build strong relationships with established businesses and startups by offering a range of legal services.

Our corporate and transactional lawyers can help you design your business structure and navigate all of its complex transactions. KB&G can also navigate federal and state securities laws, antitrust laws, federal and state disclosure and registration regulations, and federal trademark statutes. We have experience extracting maximum value while mitigating risks when buying, selling, or merging businesses. Our firm can also provide legal guidance to chefs, for example, who have received offers for television shows or cookbook deals.

In all of these areas, wherever business and the law overlap, KB&G is the only legal relationship that you will need.

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KENT, BEATTY & GORDON, LLP’s office is in the Eleven Times Square building in Midtown Manhattan.

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