KB&G represents domestic and international clients from a wide range of industries.

The firm’s practice is international in scope, including Fortune 500 corporations and businesses throughout North and South and Central America, Europe and the Far East. KB&G represents importers and exporters as diverse as: Jasani Designs USA, Inc., a member of the India-based Jasani Group, a vertically integrated company operating in all areas of the diamond industry; Clay Paky S.p.A., an Italian manufacturer of professional lighting equipment in connection with its US distribution arrangements; wines and spirits importer/exporters, including Liquid International Premium Spirits Company, an importer-distributor of its proprietary line of super premium spirit products and wines, Alexander Minn Wine Group, a distributor of wines and spirits in the People’s Republic of China, Ty Ku, LLC, a producer and importer of award winning sakes and other spirits, Vignato Vines of Tuscany, and Wine Legend (India), a distributor of table and fine wines in several provinces in India.